How do you rate the sites that you add to your directory?
I use special criteria to rate the sites. I do the usual things like checking script licence and ssl, analysis of technical platform and design but also some secret measures that i don’t tell anyone. I always adjust my methods of choosing to constantly improve the quality of the listed sites.

How can I avoid bad ratings?
Most important is that you pay your investors, your site is technically working and that you reply to emails. If you are paying and have a working support you can never get a rating below A+.

Can you list my site in your directory?
Yes, you can submit your site using THIS LINK. I will then review the site with my team and if it’s accepted we add it to our directory for free. During the process of rating we will make an account on your site to try it. Please make sure that you’re reading your support emails and have an acceptable response time. This will lead to better ratings.

Can I loose money when I invest in sites listed in your directory?

Yes you can. Most sites that are listed here can be considered as “high risk”. There’s the chance of a big gain, but als the possibility of loosing everything. Please make sure that you read the HIGH RISK WARNING before investing.

Are you a serious investor?
Do you think a guy with rubber mask of Donald Trump is serious investor? Sometimes monkeys can be better than serious investors:


As you see I’m telling you the truth. Take this as your advantage.