1. Consider all HYIP sites as fraud. This sounds like a very hard statement but in 99,9% of all cases this is true. Of course some of them are paying for a while but you can be sure that all of them will stop paying sooner or later.

2. Some HYIPs never pay any cent. If you put your money there, you could also flush it down the toilet.

3. It’s all about finding paying HYIPs and getting out fast with a profit before they stop existing. That’s like gambling on the time-frame until they stop paying.

4. You can make some fast money with that, but there’s also the risk to loose everything. So never invest any money that you can’t afford to loose.

5. On this site I will not encourage you to invest somewhere. So if you loose don’t blame me for that. I will only show you where I would invest and why.

6. Don’t put all your money into one program. Choose several programs (best is 10 or more) to diversify.

7. To be successful, read as much as you can about HYIP strategies.